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They billed me for that shit too, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get that money back. They need to add a screen that says "Hey, you're going to be charged $X" but for some unknown reason, they hide that shit. And if somehow they decide to be all like "Hey, you signed up for Amazon Prime and immediately cancelled after claiming your free rewards, therefore we're taking them back/having blizzard ban you/whatever", I'm not going to be a very happy camper.It's absolutely ridiculous that they don't have it. Also, these "free" trials just need to go, in general. It's such a sketchy thing to do, they're not free at all, they just hope you'll forget about it so they can keep billing you anyway.I think it's absurd that there's people on here who are like "yeah fucking deal with it, you arbitrarily-left out foreigners."Even if I didn't get the skin I'm glad that I went through the process. Its not exactly the most legal thing, but unless you steal or something you're fine. Not enough people bought the skins so blizzard figuring out different ways to generate revenue from said skins.

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A lot of you won't care about that, or will scoff that I'm being dramatic, but it's a problem that Blizzard sees this as acceptable country settings and change to United States. Because it's a promotional tool with a partner.

You need to link your valid credit card and "your" city/state/road/zip etc. Get key for tyrande from twitch and cancel prime subscription. By million times this, someone create a new thread and inform people about this I would have gilded this if I had it too, too many times we are getting screwed over by blizzards ethnocentric policies that cant look beyond US and a select few developed countriesnot this time friends, not this time I used real card (you can't delete your already used card, but I cancelled every subscription so it should be fine), turned out I had to use it on the UK not US amazon. Twitch is likely paying some sort of money for the hero to happen. Because of the slow development time and the anticipation from classes who have yet to gain any skin, there's always a huge spotlight on new hero skins.

That's a much more exclusive item so it's not the best comparison.

I get how this is frustrating, but calling it "scummy" is a stretch. I don't think it's that big a deal at all for something that is purely superficial.

It's not like they don't have the technology to only give you one month of something!

TL: DR: I'm pissed I am an Ontario resident and I haven't been charged at all. We shoulnd't just let this slide as a community, things like this are highly unfair for a big amount of the playerbase and the only reason blizzard probably made it so you have to get amazon/twitch prime is because they got money for it.

I certainly hope at some point later it is made available more broadly, but I don't really see an issue as is. Just make fake amazon account with fake adress, connect it to your twitch, get the free trial, get tyrande, cancel membership.

I mean, do you seriously not understand why a game about collecting things would attract players who want to have all the things? The same thing you do to buy packs with amazon coins.

Somehow signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime turned into signing me up for a full year of Amazon Prime.

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