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The floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms allow the couple to enjoy the views from their hilltop location.The tiled floors lead through a walkway and into a separate living room, complete with a television set, bookshelves, and couch.

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They call me new thang The recruit is here, to take over everything, The whole world, concert so sick, from Asiana Asia You could be my new thang I’m different from the hyungs, That ignore their duties An uprising of celebrities, damn only strong ones can mess with me Some think it was easy for me to reach my position Fuck you I’m the thorn in the eyes of those hyungs Who have no chances of becoming successful Honestly, “SSaihanuwar” is embarrassing We sell 500,000 copies a year My size is different to fit in the K-pop category whoo Right, if you want to go ahead, try reserving first class My seat is business yours is economy, forever behind me kissing my ass Next target is Billboard Brazil to New York, my busy passport A fo the G to the U to STD I’m D boy because I’m from D I’m the crazy guy, the lunatic on beat Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap my tongue technology A fo the G to the U to STD A fo the G to the U to STD A fo the G to the U to STD Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap my tongue technology I’m the guy who shoves his junior or senior who copies from copiers Doesn’t matter if I’m nasty or if I’m a wack or fack, I’m the guy that will carve history on the ground Always getting more light among other hopeless rappers The raquet caused by the jealous hyungs who are scared I’d take away their source of income with my fame hey ho I don’t give a shit when you’re busy being a moron I will simply bury you alive in the grave you dug out yourself hey ho you can’t handle me You wasted rappers should be grateful that I’m an idol Cause I’m busy i’m busy 24/7 what rest?

Pre-and post-pregnancy affects every woman differently but every single K-ent actress I’ve seen have bounced back looking exactly the same as before.

His illness clearly took a toll on his looks—although the actor is only 55 years old, Jet Li has lost his hair and has clearly defined wrinkles, making him look at least 70 years old. Because of his hyperthyroidism, Jet Li could not do physically demanding exercise.

The side effects of his medication included weight gain and heart problems.

Kudos to the good genes and good workout habits, and as nice as it is to see her out and about I’m way more curious to see sneak peeks at the baby girl Jung.

Recently, photos of Jet Li attending an event in Tibet leaked on the Internet, and netizens are scrambling to make comments about his appearance.

The backyard is immaculate and carefully manicured and landscaped.

A long pool with a nearby hot tub also allow the couple to entertain plenty of guests.

Vanness s autumn concerto hair brows become hot topic, premium HD live sex cams.

Combined this week is great double happiness k-actress kim yoo jung she graduates high school starts filming her first k-drama modern rom-com leading, said that collaborating costume designer.

Ceiling to floor windows are installed throughout the living room as well, allowing plentiful of natural light.

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