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While some may discuss a topic from a science-based perspective, others may inject personal experiences, drama, news, or comedy into the mix.

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Hosted by renowned author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the Food for Thought Podcast was so popular it spawned a spinoff show on animal rights.

Exploring dozens of topics related to food, what it means, and how it impacts your body and world, Colleen has amassed a remarkable following for her insightful approach to the vegan lifestyle.

If there’s a topic you’re interested in, odds are there are podcasters who are talking about and publishing those conversations as episodes you can listen to any time from almost anywhere.

What’s remarkable is that even within the same topic, like the vegan lifestyle for example, you’ll find vast differences between podcasts.

A variety show that discusses current events, news, culture, and numerous other topics, Vegan Radio will typically even feature a musical guest.

They’ve stopped recording in recent years, but their archive of over 100 episodes offers a lot of entertainment for curious vegans.

The protein content is also a bonus as there is about 10g per burger so around a quarter of your daily-recommended intake if you are struggling to find it elsewhere.

The burgers themselves are large rounds, however they are quite flat, so my immediate thought was that they wouldn't have a lot of flavour. They have a real kick to them so if you are a vegan who likes their food spicy, this won't disappoint.

Vegans who care deeply about the food you eat and where it comes from are likely to love the Food for Thought Podcast.

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