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Dozens of official requests were denied with a simple explanation: "Soviet aviation needs mechanics just as badly". Graduating in 1933, he quickly rose through the ranks.

By December 1934, he became the Senior Aviation Mechanic of the 74th Rifle Division. During that time his creative nature became clearly visible: he invented improvements to the Sh KAS machine gun and the R-5 reconnaissance aircraft among other things.

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Going against the establishment and openly defying the approved combat doctrine almost cost him his career and possibly his life.

After openly criticising the official tactics that led to huge losses and teaching his fellow pilots new tactics he invented himself, he was grounded and scheduled to be tried by court martial.

; 6 March 1913 – 13 November 1985) was a top Soviet flying ace and a Marshal of the Soviet Air Force.

He was made a Hero of the Soviet Union on three separate occasions (, 24 August 1943, and 19 August 1944).

His first involvement in air combat was a disaster.

Seeing an aircraft in the air of a type he had never seen before, he attacked and shot it down, only to notice as it was going down that it had Soviet red stars on the wings. This was a new bomber type that was kept secret even from other Soviet pilots.

Finally, during his vacation in the winter of 1938 Pokryshkin was able to circumvent the authorities by passing a yearly civilian pilot program in only 17 days.

This automatically made him eligible for flight school.

Pokryshkin was, in addition to his three Hero of the Soviet Union golden stars, awarded six Orders of Lenin (22 December 1941 - № 7086; - № 9600; 24 August 1943 - № 124904; 21 October 1967 - № 344099; 21 February 1978 - № 429973; 5 March 1983 - № 400362), the Order of the October Revolution, four Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of Suvorov (2nd class), two Orders of the Red Star, a number of other medals, and foreign orders, such as the US Army Distinguished Service Medal.

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