Walmart policy on dating coworkers

Being first has its advantages, but agility is what’s required to win.If anything captured the early promise of the Internet, it was Craigslist.

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And speed is the value that determines winners and losers in our hypercompetitive culture.

So it’s ironic, then, and a little sad, that speed killed Netscape.

Founders of companies such as Zillow, Hinge, and Task Rabbit found inspiration—and much room for improvement—in Craigslist’s stripped-down design and no-questions-asked approach.

“Craigslist was one of the first websites to publish real estate listings in real time, and that changed the landscape for home shopping,” says Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff.

At a time when software was still sold on disks in shrink-wrapped boxes, Netscape started releasing beta software on the Internet month after month.

It would get feedback from customers and pump out two new versions by the time those software boxes even reached stores.And while Craigslist might’ve contributed to the decline of the traditional-media business, which long relied on local classifieds for revenue, it also gave rise to an endless number of online services, from real estate sites to dating apps.Where some saw simple listings, others saw (and still see) opportunity.Do you remember the day when Netscape became a billion company, or when Amazon upended our online expectations by introducing 1-Click shopping?How about when Napster faced down Metallica and Twitter showed us what was really happening on the streets of Tehran?Fact is, by late 1997, Microsoft had built a faster web browser than Netscape.

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