Webcam online in doors

Here’s a list of the parameters you most likely would want to configure: to trigger all sorts of actions when it detects movement.For example, for extra security (in case someone breaks into your house and steals all your equipment): you can upload the images to a remote FTP server.

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Get a special alert when Nest Cam Indoor sees a human.

Like if a person walks into the room, or if someone’s head appears in frame.

Nest Cam Indoor plugs into power so you never worry about dead batteries.

with Nest Aware Some cameras can’t stay on all the time because they rely on batteries, so they only start recording when they sense motion. With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam continuously records 24/7. Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for conspicuous sounds, like a boom or the crash of a window breaking.

To prepare your SD card and install Raspbian I recommend following Adafruit’s excellent tutorials here.

Since you are not going to have your pi connected to a monitor or have a keyboard and mouse, I also recommend enabling Secure Shell (SSH) in your pi so that you can remote control your Raspberry Pi over your local network.Growl is a fantastic Mac OS-only notification system but luckily there is an excellent python library that you can use to easily access the Growl Network Transport Protocol (or GNTP) and send growl notifications to a Mac.Here’s how to do that: First get ‘pip’, a tool which allows you to easily install python packages:growl = gntp.notifier.I wanted to hide the camera in an inconspicuous place outside my door, so I removed the webcam’s casing.The Logitech C270 is a really good choice for this project as (1) it is 100% compatible with pi, (2) it has a really good 720p HD resolution and (3) it is very very small.Finally, it is a good thing to force a static IP address so that you can easily find the webcam server even if pi restarts.

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