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When I try to reconnect, it grinds away for 10-15 minutes, saying, "Validating Identity" then I get the "Limited or No Connectivity" message.This unit was recently reformatted, but I haven't run malwarebytes or adaware or anything to see if that would clear it up.My Wireless Connection Properties section gives three tabs, "General / Wireless Networks / Advanced." Even if I click properties, configure or anything else I cannot find this IEEE 802.1 thingy option anywhere.

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If you're using XP it should be set to 64 bit, 128 bit doesn't always work for XP machines connecting via wireless.

Also, sometimes WEP isn't the best option - have you tried WPA settings?

I haven't found the right fix yet, and am trying to avoid reformatting, which I can do as a last resort.

I have two XP laptops at home that were both working fine for weeks with a new Cisco wireless router, then suddenly they both say "Limited or No Connectivity." Both of these laptops work fine with another wireless router.

I know how to get out of that, but how do I ultimately connect wireless..

"This means that if you enter the password as hexadecimal characters, you must type exactly 10 characters (5 bytes) for 40-bit key, or exactly 26 characters (13 bytes) for 104-bit key).

UPDATE: I found this, but still doesn't explain what I should do.

I entered those numbers too, but still the same results.

Go to Start - Control Panel - Network Connections 2.

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