What is dating with privileges

Stereotyping and prejudice may be disfavored as a way of determining the true characteristics of a given individual, and thus be a "bad thing"..at the same time, they don't always result in negatives for the people stereotyped, and when they result in positive effects, many are entirely prepared to take advantage of their privilege.

Consider: Asians are likely to be assumed to be bad drivers = negative effect on individuals.

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We should all examine not only the ways in which we are disadvantaged, but take the time to really look at the areas in which we have advantages others do not--even when those advantages are the result of measures taken by the law and society to alleviate a disadvantage.

As I told the teenage busboy at work last night when he was complaining the truck his father had given him was several years old, "You should get down on your knees and thank your dad, you ungrateful brat. $20 shoes and a goddamn bus pass." He was offended at first, but after he thought about it for a while, he realized just how lucky he is and actually thanked me.

48) I can openly state a sexual preference for members of the opposite gender who had significant portions of their genitals removed at birth, and not immediately be called out as crazy by most of society.

I can request a sexual partner who has not been cut to become cut for me, and that partner would most likely not immediately leave me.

I was asked by a feminist to provide a list, and I did.

She dismissed it as a "failed experiment." But I wonder what all of you might think of my female privilege checklist.

It is unlikely they will automatically attribute my actions to unprovoked aggression or hold me entirely responsible for them.33) If I physically abuse my partner, people--including the authorities and victim's services personnel--are likely to assume it was in self defence.

Even if I tell them I hit first and my partner is non-violent, they are likely to wonder if my partner did something to instigate the assault, like cheating on me, yelling at me, or otherwise provoking me to lose control.37) If I am divorced, the default assumption in the family court system is that I will have primary custody of my children.

But some things really are black and white--at least they seem so.

When considering things like male/female gender privilege, you need only consider the bilateral--that is, how does one play out in relation to the other?

It's a contest these days, and to hear people talk, everyone's vying for the prized spot at the very, very, very bottom.

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