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It would be annoying to most users to hear every single comma or period in every sentence sentence, for example.

They may want to toggle the verbosity setting to “all punctuation” when reading code, and use a less verbose mode for reading prose.

There’s no need to force a high verbosity level on all users.

That’s something screen readers should have perfected long, long ago.

If you need the typographical symbols to be read out loud explicitly, of the 91 symbols tested, the only “safe” symbols to use across all screen readers tested in their default configurations are these 17: Everything else fails in at least one of the three screen readers tested.

Screen readers will pause at commas rather than say “comma,” and screen readers will say “don’t” rather than say “don apostrophe t.” Those are reasonable decisions.

But every screen reader has major flaws in reading some aspect of typographical symbols.Here’s a sample of some of the problems: These are just some of the examples of where things can go wrong when trying to use basic punctuation or typographic symbols to communicate on the web.These are significant flaws in the most basic of screen reader functions: reading what’s on the screen.When I say it “fails,” I mean that the symbol itself isn’t read out loud. Just to be clear: just because a screen reader doesn’t read something out loud doesn’t always mean you can’t use it.It just means that the meaning of that symbol will not be communicated explicitly.These are problems with the screen reader software itself.

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