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With the new loan, you could be eligible for income-driven repayment plans and possibly even forgiveness programs that you weren’t able to use prior to consolidating.You can also enjoy the benefits offered by consolidating any debt, such as one, single payment and potentially lower monthly payments.

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Doing so eliminates any benefits or eligibility for repayment plans or loan forgiveness that you could have received from a federal program.

If you think you’ll need and income-driven repayment plan or want to pursue forgiveness options, it’s best not to mix federal and private loans.

If you want to explore private student loan consolidation, you’ll need to work with a private lender.

Requirements and eligibility will vary from one to another.

However, federal consolidation doesn’t result in a better interest rate.

Rather, the new rate is a weighted average of all the interest rates on your student loans, plus a small percentage on top.Consolidation doesn’t always result in a lower interest rate, plus lower monthly payments usually means paying the loan over a longer period of time and spending more on interest.You also need to know that the process is different for federal student loans and private loans, especially if you’re trying to manage each.You also cannot consolidate a defaulted loan until you make a repayment agreement with the loan’s servicer or unless you repay the new consolidated loan with one of the government’s eligible repayment plans.Access to those repayment plans is one of the benefits of Direct Consolidation Loans for some borrowers.Please do your homework and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. This helps pay for our amazing staff of writers (many of which are paying back student loans of their own! Most graduates leave school with a number of different student loans, racked up throughout their years in college.

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