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If you did everything correctly, you’ll see the MOTD for the irc server, and you’ll be connected. I recommend trying “nbtstat -A ” at the dos prompt, that might provide you with a name or two if you’re lucky.

What other chatrooms r like isexychat-82

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At the time of our test, there were about 3000 users online, according to the site.

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I’ll assume you never wingated before, and I’ll explain how to do it with m IRC.

For the example, let’s say the wingate IP is, Dumb OP’s ident is ‘opident’, and Dumb OP’s irc server is ‘’.

→ More info Omegle was one of the first free random video chat sites to become very popular.

It started out as a text-only random chat site but it added video streams in 2009, short after its release.

The method I’m presenting here DOES work, but it takes practice, patience, and careful reading. When I say flood, I don’t mean like a ping flood in m IRC, I mean like a real ICMP flooder. OK, so once you’re in the channel, do a Version CTCP on all of the ops in there. Plug in his IP and search for a similar one with the scanner.

Tools needed An IRC script that can do mass deops quickly and easily (preferibly one that lets you press an F# (function) key to do mass deops, or one that automatically mass deops once you gain ops). Try to find Final Fortune, it’s a program I made myself… Look for exploitable scripts (some versions of irc N, m IRC 5.3x, m IRC 5.4, etc.). If you can’t find one in the same Class C range, try Class B if you have to, but make sure it resolves to something close to Dumb OP’s IP.

- *** Checking Ident - *** Found your hostname - *** Got Ident response ” Once you see that, type: /quote user opident opident opident opident /quote nick Dumb OP1 You don’t have to use ‘Dumb OP1’, just use any temporary nick you want. If your impersonation is good enough, 9/10 times they’ll op you. If possible, bring AT LEAST two bots (real bots, not just simple clones) into the channel to hold it and protect it.

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