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There are several types of unconformities and of course each has a specific name (eg.

nonconformity, disconformity, angular unconformity). A disconformity discribes an unconformity at which the same general layering is present above and below the disconformity.

If the angle is overly steep, gravity will pull the material downward, causing a mass movement.

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Sometimes, paleosol formation can alos be recognized if prolonged exposure to the atmosphere/environment has caused leaching weathering of the subsoil.

If however, no significant topographic highs and lows or soil horizons are preserved at the top of the underlying older sedimentary rocks, the contact can usually only be recognized by a gap in the paleontologic record (dating (micro) fossils and checking whether a gap is present).

Mass movement, often called mass wasting, is the downslope movement of a mass of surface materials, such as soil, rock or mud.

This mass movement typically occurs along hillsides and mountains due to the influence of gravity and can happen very slowly or very quickly.

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An overabundance of water will also make the soil very mobile.

Water actually lubricates the soil and contributes additional weight, just like how your clothes are heavier when they get wet.

An disconformity is thus much harder to recognize on seismic than for example an angular unconformity (in which layering above and below differs in dip).

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