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Then, she won't stick around to be able to see Clark even from afar.Clark was hurting along with all the emotions that goes along with being dumped and decided to go on with his life.Well it could ether be lazy writing or what I prefer to think, that he was unwilling to change himself to be with her at that point, same reason he didn't get a blue-k ring so they could be together when she was green-k infected, which is good, you shouldn't have to change to be with someone, which both Clark and Lana felt was true for them.

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Maybe I'm just being thick but I'm at a complete loss to try and work out what was going on inside Clarks head and therefor the producers heads.

What I mean to say is, what did you take away from it? I'm sure I don't need to say this but please try to refrain from being disrespectful.

It still took about a year before he approaches Lois to start dating which is a respectable time period.

I remember no one wanted Lois to be a rebound girl and she wasn't.

By the end of S8, Clark had deeper feelings for Lois.

He couldn't find Lois after he took care of Doomsday and along with Jimmy's death decided Clark Kent would disappear.

I know Smallville has ended now but, I was thinking about the episode bride in season 8 and the episodes with Lana after that.

Don't get me wrong, I like Lana (although I am a Clois fan) but it seemed to me like the writers had Clark choose to try again with Lana rather than move on with Lois. He only tried with Lois after Lana was forced out of his life. I should just clarify that I don't think Clark loved Lana more than he loves Lois.

The Blur patroled the city but he was missing living life as Clark.

Lois came back from her time jump and the Blur couldn't help but keep in touch with Lois.

That she saw that her love for Clark would never diminish, even if they could not be in the same vicinity. the best she could for humanity, that would counter some of the very reasons she loved Clark in the first place.” “I think her story is done,” she reiterated.

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