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For months, the St Catherine community has been plagued by criminal activities, including several murders and robberies.

Di police dem a say the seller dem a help buy gun and shot, but my money naah support nuh bad man, a my family it spend pon.

Right now, me wa buy piece a land, and a right yah so me a sidung and sell and buy it," he said.

Caney said that the vendors are often the target of harassment because the police strongly believe that they are supporting the criminals.

"Every day the police dem come a work, a the vendors, taxi man, and hustlers dem a grab.

Me sidung right yah suh already and see police a lay wait we over the side a di road, and bare shot start beat and man a dead, and none a dem nuh run off in the direction.

But dem nuh ramp fi run we dung like Usain," he said.

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