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Juicy to be her maid of honor, in front of everyone. Back at home, the couple is enjoying all the romance that comes with a new engagement.

Instead of taking it graciously (the boy did just pick you out a ring and ask you to marry him!

), Monie goes to Ratchet Level Five and says Minnie can’t be trusted with anything and that includes picking out a ring.

Bri has her own relationship to work on and is meeting up with her now “off” boyfriend and baby daddy, Wooda.

Last we saw of him from season one, they were in couples therapy and Wooda was seeing other people.

We’ve got babies to keep cooking, restraining orders to be filing, and engagement rings to be given.

The only gal still missing from action is Emily Fernandez, who is still in Dallas with baby JJ.

Morlin has yet to learn he’s not allowed to have feelings or opinions and gets orange juice and eggs thrown in his face.

What is it with this crew and wasting perfectly good food?

Before Andrea even has a chance to recover, the nurse comes in with an envelope containing the details of whether her baby girl is a little person or average sized. Juicy spends some time on stage being the self-appointed Queen of Atlanta (and don’t you forget it), they head back to Ms.

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