Who is andrea casiraghi dating

NATURAL HABITAT: Hiking the Inca Trail with Princess Bea; trying to get back on Facebook after being banned for a questionable update. CAVEAT: Suffers from back problems, so he might not be much help around the house.

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But that peccadillo was dwarfed in August, when Penske and his brother Mark were arrested for urinating in the parking lot of the Nantucket Yacht Club.

THE SKINNY: For all their prior whining about Facebook, the Greenwich, Connecticut–bred identical strapping lockjaws eventually extracted millions in stock from it, which they now use to invest in other web ventures, such as Sum Zero, an online — what else? LIKES: Rowing; tech startups; stroking each other's egos on Twitter; Brazilian models; suing people.

NATURAL HABITAT: The seat of an ergometer; private cabanas at the Vegas Hard Rock pool.

CAVEAT: You may not always be able to tell them apart. CAVEAT: Don't count on becoming a boldface name; he keeps an extremely low profile.

Fox in THE SKINNY: The talented Belgian designer very publicly took over the reins at Dior last year, to great acclaim, but his personal life remains a bit of a mystery.

LIKES: Privacy; cigarettes; Doritos; a good floral.

LIKES: Surfing; watching pro tennis (Serbian player Ana Ivanovic is among a string of athletic exes); long putters.

NATURAL HABITAT: Driving ranges on Australia's Gold Coast.

CAVEAT: He loves dressing up — in everything from ill-fated fancy dress to his birthday suit.

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