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Anthony Hamilton: Well, I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina, a country boy.

I had a big dream from [when I was] a baby to make it big in the music industry and then I finally got a chance to go to New York with some guys. One of the reasons why I wanted to interview you is because I see you as one of the few male R&B singers who continues to sing about love and romance. There’s nothing left to the imagination when it comes to dating and passion, you know. There’s a lot of young cats making music who haven’t experienced love. Let’s have sex and I’ll holler at you.” AH: Yeah, I do believe that.

It’s impossible for people to stay married with egos.

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Mark Sparks and I landed my first record deal in ‘93, but it wasn’t until 2003 that my first release came out on So So Def/Arista with Jermaine Dupri. To me, you represent the celebration of black love. AH: I think passion — being passionate about life, love and people fuels me to write the best things, the truest things… Love itself, whether it’s feeling the loss, love loss or feeling love’s gain. AH: I feel like it’s interesting I think there’s a lot of talent nowadays in R&B. There’s a lack of passion and dating in the lyrics (chuckling), there’s no dating in the lyrics. I think the main drive now is popularity, popularity and financial gain as opposed to social and spiritual growth. They were giving you some good spiritual food in their music. I think to be vulnerable is not to be weak but it’s actually a beautiful thing when you can allow your heart to live free. We’re living in a time now that I thought we’d be far past. The fact that I have a louder voice than a lot of people, I think morally and spiritually speaking, yeah, I’m supposed to do something and say something, call out and let the people know, “Look, I know we’re being blinded with Trump and the buffoonery and the clown fests going on, but what’s really happening is they’re trying to kill us so be aware.” B: On your new album, your songs, the way that I heard them at least, make a lot of, I don’t know if I want to say biblical references, but growing up in the church I’m familiar with a lot of your phrases.

Prior to that, I had a few fallen deals, three or four deals that fell through the cracks and um, from there I’ve just been working — writing and touring. It takes a real man to not have sex before he knows it’s right. There’s still that deep-rooted segregation in our hearts and people still really want a white America, and it’s not gon’ happen. There’s a lot of injustice with the killing of young blacks and nobody is to be blamed. When there are people of authority who take advantage and nobody gets reprimanded then the system is totally against us. Some of the phrases you use to describe your relationships with and how you relate to women are very interesting to me. I think they’re natural healers, lovers, resilient.

I’m sure there are women who look at me and think that I have the perfect life. They don’t see all the praying and they don’t see the stuff that goes into making it work.

Marriage alone requires so much work, and if you don’t have a solid relationship, the kids can throw a nice wrench in it.

The Hamil Tones sat down with Soul Bounce for an impromptu tune of “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Soul Bounce”.

The trio’s soulful songs have gone viral through social media and are continuing to light up the stage with their hits. The Hamil Tones sat down with Soul Bounce for an impromptu tune of “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Soul Bounce”.

Married to R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton, Tarsha shares her experience as a wife and mother in the new anthology I want women to be encouraged when they are in relationships. I think a lot of women – especially when they’ve been single for a long time – don’t even know they’re sabotaging their situation. So you’re like, “How did this chick over here, who doesn’t have anything going for herself, how’d she end up with a man like that? You’ve got to back all that down so he can be the man. We shouldn’t settle, but don’t expect the moon and the stars because you’re not going to get it.

They’re already coming in expecting too much from their man. I have a college degree, my own house, and I’m doing this and that, but I can’t get a man? I think a lot of times we expect men to complete us, a marriage to complete us, and that’s exactly the total opposite of reality.

We were married for five years when the twins came—five, almost six years, so we’ll be married seven years in August 2012—and that was a long time to be together. I think that had we had our kids sooner, I’m not sure how our relationship would have turned out.

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