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My grandmother is one of the women who were responsible for women having the vote in Chile." Be that as it may, the grandparent most people are going to want to know about is Charles Spencer Chaplin, a 20th-century icon up there with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Adolf Hitler, the man Chaplin famously lampooned in The Great Dictator.

"When people say 'Charlie Chaplin' I still think now of the guy in the moustache and bowler hat and funny walk – I don't think of an old man who was my grandfather," she says.

So let's get the story straight – because it's a fascinating tale that drops more famous names than a David Frost drinks reception.

Her grandmother, the one Oona was named after, Oona O'Neill, was the daughter of the hard-drinking playwright Eugene O'Neill – he of The Iceman Cometh and Long Day's Journey into Night.

get a room'." This is what the esteemed film biographer David Thomson has written about Geraldine Chaplin, the muse of Saura and, to a lesser extent, Robert Altman.

"To criticise Charlie Chaplin amounts, in some quarters, to an unforgivable heresy that marks one down as the baleful, inhuman, and anti-life anti-Charlie.

"I remember she had a Siamese cat called Billy Boy – a vicious brute – and she said: 'Be careful, it'll scratch you.' But that's all I remember." Born in Madrid, where her mother had settled in 1965 after filming Doctor Zhivago in the city, but spending half of every year of her childhood (for naturalisation purposes) in Switzerland, where Charlie Chaplin settled for tax and anti-communist witch hunt reasons in the 1950s, English is only Chaplin's third language after Spanish and French.

She learned it in New York and now speaks with a non-specific Americanised accent.

Actress Oona Chaplin is splendidly, almost ludicrously international, with a background that incorporates a childhood travelling in the caravan of the international movie industry, as well as roots – or tendrils at least – in Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, Scotland, Chile and England.

I write England, but I mean London, and if she were a football team she would be Arsenal, which would be entirely fitting, because she claims to support Arsenal, as does her mother, the actress Geraldine Chaplin, and as did her grandfather, the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

"There was no illegality to it – I think I was quite naïve compared to a lot of students in my year.

For example, I'd never kissed a boy with tongues before I went to Gordonstoun.

Eugene O'Neill was horrified at the age difference (and perhaps by Chaplin's goatish reputation) and cut his daughter out of his life.

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