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I try to get about 300 grams of protein a day, and I carry probably about a half-pound of whey protein on the road to supplement in-between meals.

For the most part, I try to keep my carbs down and eat a decent amount of protein.

As a kid, Ettore Ewen would have a recurring dream about getting on an airplane — an idea that made travel sound near-magical, "like going to Disney World." While he rarely traveled as a child, that dream was weirdly prescient for the life he's come to lead as an adult.

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In 2014, the 28-year-old Tampa citizen worked over 100 cards all over the country and beyond, and he's poised to log loads more miles to come.

Signing to WWE in 2009 after growing up as a football player, Big E currently teams with fellow wrestlers Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a high-energy outfit called the New Day.

His on-screen character is typically stoic and intense, standing as a marked contrast to the warm personality and wry, tilted sense of humor the man displays in out-of-character interviews and his frequent social media updates.

Big E is responsible for a growing number of short and goofy Instagram skits, recently wished deceased World War II-era movie star Hedy Lamarr a happy 100th birthday, and isn't afraid to riff on his own ample physical features (namely, pecs the size of Mount Rushmore).

That's something we're always cognizant of: just being attached to who we are as a character.

Not that [Big E is] a huge difference from who I am as an individual, but after a while, it's a little weird to always be so connected to who you are on-screen. Kofi and Xavier are well known to be video gamers, and I know you partake, too; in a recent interview, you mentioned buying a PS4 soon. It's essentially a portable briefcase that has a 19-inch TV, room for your console and anything else you need gaming-wise.

I consider myself a gamer — not quite to the extent of Woods and Kofi, but it definitely helps us pass some time. Right now, it's a highlight of the year for me because a bunch of the shows I enjoy are coming back.

I just watched the premiere of "House of Lies." "House of Cards" is coming in February, [and I've watched] "Broad City" [and] a bunch of "Workaholics," so that's something that I do just to pass the time and get my mind off the rigors of the road.

I went to [the University of] Iowa so I got a little excited that this season takes place at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop, so it's cool to see some stuff that will be shot in Iowa City, I believe. What do you tend to eat, and are there any restaurants you favor over others?

I'm a little disappointed, actually; I think [the school] banned them from shooting stuff on campus. Big E: We find ourselves stopping at Denny's a lot.

Vickie Guerrero alleged that they had an affair and presented various material suggesting their relationship.

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