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Produced in 1941 to form part of the earlier (c1917) Wilkinson's set of Toby jugs depicting 1st World War military and political leaders which were designed by Carruthers Gould - these are fine Toby jugs and many collectors of early English Toby jugs also collect these as the quality is exceptional.

March 27th 2019 This very well decorated Pratt Ware Toby jug sold this morning at Gildings auctioneers for c. In good original condition with just a chip to his hat he is a fine example and yet again proves that good early Toby jugs continue to achieve excellent prices which is great news for all collectors.

Patrika Darbo [ Judy ], Dawn Wells [ Myrtle Deforest ], Julie Cobb [ Gracie Thonrton ], Mya Akerling [ Heidi Deforest ], Mary Farrell [ Gail ], Bill Mc Lean [ Earl ], Janet Clark [ Female Bidder ], Patricia Rees [ Clarabelle ] Maggie's busy schedule leaves Ben feeling neglected.

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Watney ], Gilles Savard [ Waiter ], Roger Til [ Waiter #2 ] Jason knows the editor offering Maggie a dream job is a notorious womanizer. Marquez ] During a tonsillectomy, Ben has an out-of-body experience, dreaming that he escapes with a friendly cabbie, only to find a new Ben has replaced him at home.

Boner, Eddie, Debbie, Shelley Great expectations turn sour at the Dewey High dance after Mike hears Lydia's voice; and Ben and Stinky find themselves in a seedy diner eyeing a pinball machine that pays real money.

Whilst I will often put details on my website of a Toby that has recently sold at auction I will never put details of a Toby that is coming up for sale – I consider this bad practice - plus I may well be bidding and want that bargain!

Seriously, if an antique dealer's website does announce the forthcoming sale of a Toby jug at auction this simply spoils the fun for everyone as we all want to find that “sleeper” that no-one else has spotted.

I frequently suggest that collecting good early Toby jugs may possibly constitute a most enjoyable form of investing!

If you take a look online at the results of today’s sale at Bonham’s you will see that this may well be the case as over 40 good Toby jugs were sold with most achieving extremely high prices including quite a few records.

I will try not to be too wordy or academic as above all I feel that collecting ought to be fun!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 2018 Early Toby jug prices SOAR!

Deborah Harmon [ Elisabeth ], Jamie Luner [ Cindy ], Brooke Theiss [ Wendy ], Jo Ann Willette [ Constance ], Heather Langerkamp [ Marie ], Matt Shakman [ J. Goodner ], Robbie Howard [ Orderly ] Maggie goes into labor on Ben's 12th birthday and Ben confesses to a patient at the hospital that he's already feeling crowded. Sierra ] An an intrafamily communications seminar, Mike and Jason discover just how alike they are. Mc Cafferty [ Flight Attendant ], Jack Stauffer [ Swapping Passenger ], Brian Peck [ Concerned Passenger ] Jason takes Maggie on a tropical getaway to lift her spirits after her father's death, trusting Chrissy to Mike and Carol.

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