Who is cm punk dating right now

Their rivalry came to a climax in September of 2007 where CM Punk defeated Morrison to earn the ECW World Championship after a hard fought match.

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The ESPN Sportsnation host is a well known pro wrestling fan with a huge following who is friends with many folks at WWE, including, at that time, CM Punk.

The two bumped into each other backstage at that show, Beadle made a comment, and then a confrontation took place between Beadle and Punk's girlfriend (and soon to be wife), AJ Lee.

Later that year Punk was given a World Wrestling Entertainment contract and head off to the WWE. CM Punk quickly become the top star there, and even won there World Championship. At the 2006 Survivor Series Punk out shined his partners, by being cheered louder than his partners Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy.

One week later he preformed in his first ECW main event at the December to Dismember Pay Per View.

Wrestling legend John Cena was asked if the straight-edge superstar would ever be accepted back by the brand.

He left WWE on bad terms in 2014 and, after being handed his termination papers on his wedding day, pledged he would never return.

There were conflicting reports at the time, but Beadle eventually released a statement on Twitter acknowledging the situation and giving her side of the story. She had this group of women and they walked past me and she said some disrespectful shit and I was just like 'whoa'.

About a month later, in his final interview before leaving WWE (watch it here), Punk gave his side: "A bunch of horseshit. My girlfriend pulled her aside in front of this same group of people and was like, and she introduced herself, and she was like 'Don't be disrespectful to my boyfriend' and Beadle just went 'okay', and walked away and that was it. She walked by and said 'what's up fuck-face' and high-fived one of the girls." "Usually when things like this happen I try to ignore them.

Fellow WWE legend Chris Jericho told the Sportskeeda website that he would not expect CM Punk to give up on MMA so soon."I thought he’ll have a couple of UFC fights, win, lose or draw, and after go into commentating or interviewing."It would be a big deal for him to come back to WWE, but I don’t know if he would ever," he said."I mean, never say never.

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