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It is also difficult for him to receive warmth, affection or appreciation, for he often feels that he does not really deserve it or that "they do not really mean it".

Efron may therefore come across as rather cool and aloof - much more so than he feels.

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Zac Efron wants to completely immerse himself in the feelings and tastes of a new place, rather than simply have facts or an intellectual appreciation.

Emotionally, too, Zac is restless and something of a wanderer.

Zac Efron may be easily manipulated too, when it comes to one of these important relationships, because he is so emotionally invested in it.

In love relationships, Zac Efron desires a deep, intense and passionate union with his beloved and forms very strong emotional bonds and attachments.

Zac wants to contribute something positive and loving to the world at large and he wants to be recognized for his beauty, artistic gifts, or loving generosity.

Zac Efron may "marry" his work - that is, being more involved in his career than in his private life. Zac has deep, compelling love feelings that seem irresistible and often irrational.

Zac Efron may have done extensive traveling in his early years, or in some way had a background which enables him to understand and identify with many different types of people or cultures.

Efron has a craving for things which are far away and foreign or for things he has never experienced before.

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