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Animal control officers seized both dogs after the attack; they were subsequently euthanized.[source citations] Pamela Rushing, 50-years old, was found dead lying in a pool of blood in her backyard by landscapers after being attacked by two of her family's three dogs.

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At the time of the attack, the toddler's father was working on a vehicle, just a few feet from the male rottweiler. Her younger brother was also attacked; he survived with minor bites.

[source citations] Robynn Banks, 2-years old, was mauled to death by two dogs while visiting a relative's home.

[source citations] Linda Mittino, 69-years old, was killed by her family's German shepherd in her own home.

The same dog had badly mauled her three months earlier, requiring a hospital stay and stitches, along with attacking another family member a year earlier.

Amber Jones, 10-years old, had been practicing cheerleading moves in her backyard that day.

When the neighbor's pit bull jumped over the fence, its collar got caught on the chain-link fence. When Amber went to rescue the dog this time, the animal attacked, biting her in the neck and stomach.

[source citations] Taylor Kitlica, 18-months old, was killed by a chained rottweiler.

Her family had recently found the male rottweiler roaming the neighborhood.

Douglass, Richard Ciolek-Torrello, Sarah Van Galder, Benjamin R. The Coleville and Bodie Hills NRCS Soil Inventory, Walker and Bridgeport, California: A Reevaluation of the Bodie Hills Obsidian Source (CA-MNO-4527) and Its Spatial and Chronological Use. Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Archaeological Heated-Rock Cooking Structures in the Transverse Mountain Ranges: Proposed Markers of Land-Use Shifts since the Early Holocene [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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