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Lawrence was all smiles as she was seen strolling down the street with Maroney, and at one point the two linked arms together, detailed the .Cooke Maroney is an art dealer and New York art gallerist.

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When Lawrence was asked about her friendship with ex Aronofsky, she admitted in February that she still loves him.

She also said that “I’m friends with all my exes, actually…

Also, Maroney is often at “high-end art openings” in New York City.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer looks giddy on date with new art buff beau Aj Uki S Oq Qi — Daily Mail Celebrity (@Daily Mail Celeb) June 7, 2018 For now, reps for both Lawrence and Maroney have declined to comment on their potential relationship status.

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Maroney works at Gladstone64, a Gladstone Gallery venue in Uppper East Side New York, as the venue’s director.

‘The relationship has been going on a few weeks,’ a source told the outlet.

Lawrence also looked like she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

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