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He had secrets he was unwilling to share, even with his family.His history had estranged him from his wife and children; but, in truth, they are the only ones he cares about—when he realized the September Attacks were coming, his first thought was to get them to safety.He had initially started flying with his grandfather when he was a teen, and has over 1,500 total flight hours.

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Hawkins claimed he was a former police officer from St.

Louis, Missouri, and explains his knowledge and expertise comes from having received training from the Department of Homeland Security after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

7) Matt's urban studies midterm project involves making and presenting his mental map of St. 8) A game of truth or dare gets unexpectedly philosophical. 10) Karen & Matt experiment with blindfolds.11) Foggy wonders why he tied his life to the two most obsessive people he knows. 17) His first week in Wakanda, Steve gets a letter from Natasha. And as usual, the requests rained in :)REQUESTS ARE NOW CLOSED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND ME ANY MORE PLEASEI will be writing them STRICTLY in order received, and I may combine two or more requests if I feel they fit together well.

12) Laura, Clint, & Natasha fail at holiday cooking. You can send a comment asking where your ask is in the queue if you like, but it'll probably take me at least a week or two to clear the queue, so please be patient if you don't see yours for a while!

They won't all be soulmate AU's, and the ratings will vary but at the moment I'm not planning for any of these to get really smutty.

Check the beginning of each chapter for notes on which (if any) previous fics the drabbles link back to, and as always I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!Having previously been deliberately misleading and vague about his past, Jake came clean to Eric and explained what he did during his absence: Jake served as a private military contractor for J&R in Iraq and Afghanistan, which explains how Jake is shown to be accurate with a revolver at a distance.He left the service of J&R and vowed never to return after he took part in a massacre in Iraq with other Ravenwood soldiers; and his passport is flagged for non-cooperation on an undercover mission against Ravenwood.In Season 2, with the garrisoning and reconstruction of Jericho by the Allied States of America (ASA) Army, the area's military commander and chief administrator, Major Edward Beck, recognized Jake as one the others follow and listen to in the heat of conflict and appointed him Sheriff.Jake and the rest of Jericho witnessed the domination of the ASA and Jennings & Rall (J&R) over the town and the country at large, with Jake knowing first-hand how dangerous J&R was when it came to business dealings.In truth, the family had been living in Washington, D. When cornered, Hawkins claimed to be working undercover for the FBI to learn more about "suspicious contacts in this area" that may be linked to the Attacks.

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