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Commendably, Steffanie did attempt to do some good by organizing a family outing and having Ted spend one-on-one time with his eldest child, his only daughter.

is to have two very different families learn a little something about how other families live.

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But one look at her deer-in-the-headlights expression, which she sported a lot throughout this episode, suggests she was far less open and comfortable than she claimed.

From the moment she walked into the Haggard household, Steffanie, who said she could sense energies, knew something wasn't quite right.

With that pasted-on smile and everything's-fine attitude, she said she'd rather observe than participate, and Indian Bob had her sit on the sidelines.

It was not a confrontation by any means, but one gets the feeling this was probably the most Gayle has spoken up and asserted herself in decades.

Busey ran down a list of all the different incarnations he's had, to which Gayle just mostly smiled artificially and nodded her head.

Gayle remained open to Busey's assertions - or she said she did, at any rate.

until he was discovered boinking a male sex worker and buying crystal meth.

Somehow, he and his family survived the scandal and managed to return to the spotlight.

in which Gary Busey and Ted Haggard swapped wives did not disappoint.

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