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They had not met for 14 years, but the guy pushed the matters aside and went to his father to Canada.

Mother was not happy about his son’s hobbies, she considered acting desipience.

The boy was a good student at the school, and after graduation, he did not want to upset the mother and entered School of Law.

"I was a 16-year-old kid on the other side of the world from where they made movies," he later said. There was Sean Connery, and that was it." Though he claims he is "not the most academic of guys," Butler graduated near the top of his high school class and enrolled in the University of Glasgow, where he studied to become a lawyer and solicitor. ' Walking home was probably the happiest moment of my life, when there's an energy in you that can't be put down.

During his time in university, Butler was also the president of the law society and graduated with honors. I'd gone from handing out pages to getting the lead role." After a successful run in .

Gerard Butler took a position as a trainee lawyer at a large law firm, he could have had a good future as a lawyer, but the work did not satisfy him.

He became depressed and he gradually addicted to alcohol.

One day he plucked up courage and asked the director to cast him and the latter agreed. The role was small, his character swam in the icy water and went to the hospital with hypothermia. Then, comedy TV series Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married to Gerard Butler was shown on the screen.

After the audition, Gerard Butler got his first role. The new century began with minor roles in Shooters and Harrison’s Flowers.

A year and a half later, his parents divorced, and his mother moved Gerard and his two older siblings back to her hometown of Paisley, Scotland.

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