who is kyle howard dating - Who is hannah taylor gordon dating

He could see long-distance actually working, and, more importantly, knew that she was the type of girl with whom he could see himself spending the rest of his life.

They had both tried and failed at long-distances relationships.

Taylor had even told Daniel that she did not want to begin a relationship with anyone before seminary.

By the end of the night, Daniel's friends told him that the two girls were so awesome that he had to marry one of them.

There's always some foreshadowing in rom-com's, right?

Taylor invited Daniel and three other friends to her house for spring break.

They spent a lot of time together that week, and Daniel's feelings for Taylor began to grow.

She was incredibly selfless and super considerate of others.

She was a little dorky and he loved just hanging out and having fun with her.

Unfortunately, distance did not make the heart grow fonder (cue more irony), and they decided not to date when they returned to school.

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