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Harris is reportedly all kinds of broken up that Tay has moved on so quickly, which brings us to Hiddle Swift. If Swift were going to settle down and enter the next phase of her personal/professional life (marriage, kids? We should expect more albums, more (better) movies, and maybe she'll direct.

), Hiddles would be an excellent choice―and publicly smooching Hiddleston sends the message that Brand Swift is going to take over the world and the world had better be ready.

14, which means Valentine's Day is upon us, so it's time to let the people who mean the most to you know just how much you love and appreciate them. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine dating as many hot stars as Taylor Swift!

You go to grad school—sweet, palate-cleansing grad school. Dating sweet, sweet Jake was a nice way of taking a bath after Mayer.

His maturity and respect in the entertainment industry made Swift a little more relatable to an older audience. Swift and the One Direction star quickly became the "it" couple of 2012.

"I'm not necessarily guarded, but I consider intimacy to be very important and I don't think everybody needs to know about my family or my personal details," he told .

"I'm old-school in that way." When asked why he would date Taylor, then, who is "renowned for using past relationships as source material in her songs," according to the interviewer, Jake replied, "I think when you're in a relationship, you are constantly scrutinized, your friends are scrutinized, but...

Minka Kelly had been in a long-term relationship with Derek Jeter for three years, but that didn't keep Jake Gyllenhaal from asking her out last fall, after she split from the Yankees baseball player in August 2011.

reports that Gyllenhaal, 31, had a "secret hookup" with the "Friday Night Lights" actress, also 31, despite being turned down initially.

Make no mistake—when you're a famous human, a relationship is never just a relationship.

For better or worse, who you're dating is an extension of your brand.

Gyllenhaal is said to have met his previous partner at a spinning class at Soul Cycle in New York.

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