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Hey, you can’t blame a guy – he was probably celebrating too hard and didn’t pay attention to the paparazzi.After that, the two were spotted together occasionally for a couple months and Brewster was apparently gushing to her girlfriends about the long term potential of the relationship. He’s not one to spend more than a few months with a girl, with one exception, so no one was surprised when they soon parted ways. Incidentally, Enriquez was also a back-up singer for Mariah Carey, another of Jeter’s former conquests – you could probably play a five degrees of separation game throughout the entertainment industry for Jeter’s former lovers!With Lachey, as she got together with him after his boy band fame had cooled, the two have roughly the same category of star power.

However, back in the day, when she was still Vanessa Minnillo, she briefly dated Jeter.

While Minnillo has carved out a successful niche for herself as a host and entertainment correspondent, back in 2003 when she was spotted with the baseball superstar, she was a VJ for former MTV hit .

“He said once he retired he wanted to get married, so he’s living his dream,” she says.

“He’s really an awesome person, and I wish him all the best.” Jeter, who wrapped his 20-year baseball career in 2014, presented girlfriend Hannah Davis with an estimated six-figure rock after popping the question in late October.

Derek Jeter’s supermodel ex has no qualms about the legendary shortstop settling down.

Vida Guerra, who reportedly dated the former Yankee in 2005, tells TMZ that Jeter is simply fulfilling a longtime fantasy.

Jeter apparently poached Enriquez from A-Rod, who brought her to the 2001 All-Star game, as about two months after they were introduced she suddenly traded in Rodriguez for Jeter.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, guys – no matter how famous you are, at the end of the day, what Jeter wants, Jeter gets.

And despite the occasional sighting or red carpet event, the bride-to-be admits that she prefers the secrecy surrounding her relationship with the legendary Yankee.

“I wanted someone whose family is a big, important part of their life.” Davis and Jeter, who began dating in 2012, have kept much of their four-year romance under wraps.

It’s that one part that’s a little bit of a mystery to people, but that’s the way we want it,” she said.

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