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In 1994, Foster worked as a producer, on Nell, though she later commented that she found it difficult to act in and produce the movie at the same time.

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Who is jodie foster currently dating

Her father was an Air Force veteran of the battle of Britain and later became a real estate broker. Evelyn supported Jodie through her work as a film producer.

Jodie's first acting appearances were in television commercials.

Foster returned to the big screen in 2005's Flightplan. The following year, Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington starred in Spike Lee's thriller Inside Man.

Three years later, Foster appeared alongside Terrence Howard in The Brave One, another thriller, this time directed by Neil Jordan.

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First starting out as a show on Channel 4 in the UK, word of mouth meant that the episodes would start gaining traction across the globe, and following its second season run, Netflix swooped in and picked up the rights to broadcast the show from season 3 and beyond.Foster's directorial debut came in 1991, when she helmed the acclaimed drama Little Man Tate.Four years later, she directed Home for the Holidays, a dark comedy which starred Helen Hunt and Robert Downey Jr.She then performed on The Doris Day Show, followed by her film debut in Menace on the Mountain, and a string of Disney productions.In 1976, Foster made her first notable film role, as a 12 year old child prostitute in the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver.She's lived within this business for some time and so knows more than most exactly how it works.

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