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Tennis is largely an individual and pair sport, but team events are not unheard of.

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As of the Open Era, 1968 - present, tennis is a pro sport with prize money at all events.

The advent of the Open Era also heralded standardised and reliable record keeping and consistent tournament rules.

At the 2009 French Open Rafael defeated Lleyton Hewitt and set the record of 31 consecutive wins at Roland Garros.

is a popular worldwide racket sport, originating as a racket-less game in France during the Middle Ages.

Rafael's uncle began teaching him how to play tennis and by the age of 11, Rafael was winning youth tennis tournaments all across Spain.

Uncle Tony remains Raffa's coach today Rafael turned pro when he was 15 and by 2003, he was one of the top 50 ranked mens tennis players in the world.

Professional tennis is no endeavour for the faint-hearted or weak-legged.

In 1973 a system to rank all professional tennis players was put in place, with separate ranking lists for men and women.

Rafael Nadal was born on the island of Mallorca in Spain on June 3, 1986 and still lives there with his family.

He started playing tennis when he was just three years old, after watching his Uncle Tony play the sport at a local tennis club.

1 if the Slam points were really spread out among other players and the player performed exceptionally well in all other tournaments.

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