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The opening of “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985” at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles last September was a revelation: finally, a thoughtful, scholarly exhibition with real popular appeal that focused on a period of cultural history that was almost completely unrecorded in conservative, mainstream surveys.

Just up at the Brooklyn Museum — its only East Coast venue — the show includesmore than 260 works by more than 120 artists from 15 countries that underwent tremendous political upheaval in the mid-twentieth century.

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Who is margaret cho dating

For ten years, Austin Mc Cormick’s peripatetic baroque-burlesque ensemble Company XIV has mounted stunning, raunchy versions of popular fairy tales and Petipa ballets.

This summer, it offers an ingenious original piece, , in its own Brooklyn cabaret space.

They’ve played David Byrne’s wedding reception, served as Oktoberfest entertainment on (“Fill the Stein”), and recorded “Hey Jude” with Tiny Tim.

Their music has become increasingly unpredictable over the decades, with art-rock ditties like “The Best Sunsets Are in the West” and punky accordion rave-ups like “Hop to It” adding salsa to their repertoire.

Fun fact: Leonard Nimoy (a/k/a Spock) (a/k/a excellent photographer of awesome fat women) hosted the original, and now Zachary (also a/k/a Spock) is taking over the reins. In addition to the programs at the giant Walter Reade Theater, free screenings and discussions take place in the FSLC’s Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center Amphitheater across the street.

They’re just two wonderful men gracing our TVs and bringing us all sorts of shock and awe and good vibes. Grab an all-access pass, another discount package, or single tickets and enjoy the comfy, commercial-free cinema environs. The third season of this Netflix docuseries about junior college football moves from East Mississippi Community College to Independence, Kansas, where a new crop of NFL hopefuls balance school and sport while their coach screams obscenities in their faces. , with the action shifted to the pre-Columbian archeological sites at the Mexican pyramids, the sixth of six films by the preternaturally sophisticated and erudite American writer-director Albert Lewin () suffers from most of the usual balderdash that hindered Cinema Scope travelogue pictures of every stripe.Those contexts — of American military interventions; dictatorships in Brazil, Chile, and elsewhere; and the rise of Black Power movements around the world — inspired artists like Anna Maria Maiolino and Victoria Santa Cruz, two of the most compelling creators in the show, to radicalize modern art to political ends.During our own moment of political turmoil, this is a timely and important exhibition.A man-size honeybee rocks point shoes; the very talented performers work out on poles, spiral in Spanish dance styles with lace mantillas and fans, and climax, under a rain of glitter, in a kick-line wearing fake breasts. By 1916, Lois Weber was reported to be the highest-paid director in Hollywood.She would later start her own company, Lois Weber Productions, which she operated in unconventional ways: shooting on location, experimenting with form in a way most major studios did not.So far, the series — which has been running since June 22 — has hosted appearances by Graham2, the AThomas Project, Mindy Jackson, NOW Dance Project, the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, and more.

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