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You don’t even think about jacking off anymore here, it’s just so vile. Taibbi say that in Moscow they finally found a home; a city as chaotic and as brutish as they are, a place where a man can still make a beast of himself and write about it with impunity. It was just very epic.”“I had no idea it was going to be like that, because of all the propaganda about how repressed Russians were,” he said. ”“When I’m here, it’s like I’m taking a very cold bath,” said Mr. “I don’t think I’ve had a hard-on since I’ve been here. “It was pretty much just fuck whoever you wanted to.

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It was a high I would have to keep coming back to, and after a while, I knew where to find the vein.”He worked as a sports editor for the for five months, then went back to Boston, where he tried landscaping, only to keep returning to Moscow. “Virtually to the last man, they almost all make us sick to our stomachs,” he said. So it’s an investment thing, even though he’s horrible for the country.”Mr. “I don’t know, the Gap is too ironic at so many fucking levels,” he said.

During that time, he writes, he had a “howling-on-the-bathroom-floor ten-alarm” nervous breakdown and had an affair with a married woman. They say their publisher is a shady guy who pays them each $1,200 a month. Taibbi live in apartments in a legendary, neo-Gothic-style building. Ames was chatting up a woman named Debra, a 46-year-old busty blonde in a white dress. But I think we’re so close ideologically on things.”Mr.

Over the last year, however, the center of gravity of the organization has shifted, as Omidyar and his Silicon Valley braintrust have exerted control over budgets and vacillated over the journalistic mission.

Over the summer, Omidyar appointed a longtime confidante, John Temple — a former newspaper editor who previously led an Omidyar-financed civic journalism venture in Hawaii — to be the president for audience and products, putting him in a position above Eric Bates, the former Rolling Stone editor who was brought on as a First Look editorial director, who is close to Taibbi.

All relations between guys and girls is basically violent, I think. I never thought San Jose would take over the country like some disease, but it’s happened.”I asked Mr. Taibbi if maybe it wasn’t America that was screwed up; maybe it was them.“Yes, there’s no question that a lot of our problems with America have to do with our own personal problems,” said Mr. “Obviously we went to Russia for the very simple reason that in Russia it’s O. In the United States, especially in New York, if you are not doing well professionally, it’s this albatross you carry around everywhere.

The first thing people ask you is, ‘What do you do?

He was airlifted back to Boston and almost died.“My first thought in the hospital was I was going to change and live a straighter life, be more careful in the future,” he said. They don’t like tall men, really.”He spoke about his sex life in Moscow. “Actually I wrote most of the book on it.”“A lot of his prose was written on smack and a lot of mine was written on speed,” said Mr.

“Then as soon as I got a little better I thought, ‘You know, God, this can all disappear in a second. “Russian women, especially on the first date, expect you to rape them,” said Mr. “They’ll go back home with you and say, ‘No, no, no,’ and if you’re an American, you’ve been trained to respect the ‘No,’ because you’re afraid of sexual harassment or date rape, and so you fail over and over. The last time I was there I saw Calvin Klein, Rupert Everett, Christy Turlington and Salman Rushdie.“Oh, yeah, I think I read about this in Delta’s Sky magazine,” Mr. Ames.“Heroin is a horrible thing, there’s no question about it,” said Mr. “It can ruin your life in so many different ways and so fast before you even know it, but it has the one redeeming feature: being a whole lot of fun.”I asked them if what they were doing in Moscow was just another form of hollow escapism.“Americans are so obsessed with what is authentic and what isn’t, because they’re so insecure about whether or not anything they’re doing is authentic,” said Mr.

The Intercept has lately been publishing vigorously, breaking several major stories — federal investigators are reportedly pursuing the alleged leaker responsible for a story on the site about the government’s voluminous terrorist watch list.

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