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Appearances: The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned.

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Anita knows the basic ideas behind stuff, she says she took a few general classes in college.

Tammy is five foot ten inches in height, somewhere around Anita's age, but she still has an innocence like Larry does which is slowly being worn away with police work. First appearance: The Killing Dance, Burnt Offerings, Cerulean Sins, Kiss the Dead Another friend and member of the spook squad, Sgt.

After moving to Saint Louis he and Anita dated briefly, and he accepted a job at Animators, Inc.

He can raise at least four zombies in a single night.

He was originally active in New Orleans, Louisiana, but moved to Saint Louis after his brother Peter (who could also raise zombies) was killed in that city.

Burke also stated that the New Orleans police and he had had a "misunderstanding" over Burke's involvement in a series of murders.

Anita feels very protective towards Larry and doesn't want to see him killed. Currently, he is a fully licensed vampire executioner, and the first to hold dual agency with the federal marshal service and the FBI.

Larry is very powerful, probably a necromancer in his own right. Appearances: Circus of the Damned, Bloody Bones, Burnt Offerings, Micah, Incubus Dreams., Kiss the Dead", Dead Ice An older, Mexican animator/vampire executioner, Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez is an animator at Animators, Inc., and was Anita's mentor, but is largely retired.

In the later books, Dolph and Anita's relationship has become strained, in part because Anita no longer believes that all vampires and shapeshifters are monsters, but Dolph still does, leading to distrust over Anita's increasingly close relationships with the various vampire and lycanthrope communities in St. Their relationship has also been strained by Dolph's personal situation; his son Darrin is married to a vampire (and possibly becoming one), and Dolph and his wife Lucille are grieving over the prospect of a life without grandchildren. In the later books of the series, Dolph's personal problems and conflict with Anita appear to come to a head.

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