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When he was caught swigging extra-strong cider in the street at 10am, it seemed Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was just another self-indulgent star going off the rails.But that's not the whole story..be an appalling drinker - that's what he told me when I met him recently. Oh Jaysus, I did the most embarrassing things," he said.

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His addiction was still an acknowledged problem several months later, when his on-off girlfriend Reena Hammer announced: "We're just taking a break from each other.

Part of the reason is that Jonny is dealing with his problems with alcohol." Scroll down for more...

"He also told us he had a skin complaint that meant if he scratched himself it caused a raised mark," she says.

"He was mad about the model Lisa Butcher at the time, so he scratched her name all over his skin and sure enough it puffed up and stayed there for hours, like a tattoo.

Rhys Meyers has become a household name thanks to his portrayal of a highly-sexed Henry VIII in The Tudors, the Emmy award-winning BBC2 mini-series.

His new film, August Rush, adds to his string of big screen credits that include playing Scarlett Johansson's lover in Woody Allen's Match Point, the love interest in Bend It Like Beckham and a chameleon secret agent alongside Tom Cruise in the blockbuster Mission: Impossible III.Charismatic and arrogant, in the flesh he vibrates with nervous energy, chain-smoking Marlboro Lights that he sucks right down to the filters.His androgynous looks - bee-stung lips, a coffin-shaped face and chiselled cheekbones - divide women on whether he is sexy or not.Rhys Meyers and Reena are together again - and seem to be enjoying teasing the paparazzi by appearing in public one day with her wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger, the next with it switched to another digit."It's very important for Jonny to be in control and he likes to take the initiative sexually," says a friend."I've seen him rebuff people who've made a move on him, only to make an advance on them a few weeks later.

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