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And Papa Smurf, dressed all in red, no less, looks kinda like Karl Marx with his bushy white beard — but he also looks a lot like Santa Claus.

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6-46 15 Nov 86 The World According To Smurflings 280.

7-17 03 Oct 87 The Fastest Wizard In The World 314.

9-39 02 Dec 89 Hearts 'N' Smurfs The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.

," as they're called in the original French comics, quickly became more popular than the human title characters and began starring in their own standalone books and cartoons in the early 1960s.

2-41 27 Nov 82 The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy 82.

3-21 15 Oct 83 Speak For Yourself Farmer Smurf 110.

4-42 10 Nov 84 The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes 188.

5-22 19 Oct 85 Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates 216. 5-24 19 Oct 85 Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals 218.

2-30 06 Nov 82 The Sky Is Smurfing, The Sky Is Smurfing 71.

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