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Most of the jokes are riffs on his old movies, but they scan more as a resume than any real self-awareness; there's only so much humor to mine from " makes all future shows set in the '60s irrelevant -- there are clearly a range of stories to be told about America in that turbulent time -- but the problem with creator Dana Calvo's period piece, which chronicles a fictionalized -style weekly magazine based out of New York in 1969, is that it never quite finds its dramatic footing.

It might have discovered a stronger voice in season two, but, in a rare cost-cutting move, the series was canceled by Amazon after only one season, meaning it will sadly never emerge from Don Draper and Peggy Olson's long shadows.

is the most ambitious format of Amazon's current slate, which means it tends to divide opinions: It's a Romanian buddy-cop action-comedy set in the 1980s with a communist backdrop; it's in Romanian, but dubbed in English with an all-star voice cast that includes Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chloë Sevigny, Mahershala Ali, Kim Basinger, and many, many more.

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tracks the increasingly unstable emotional state of John Tavner, aka John Lakeman, who's tasked with posing as a piping engineer so he can travel to Europe to prevent Iran from obtaining full nuclear capabilities.

Also, he's a folk singer with a penchant for inserting classified information into his lyrics, and John Locke from This show so desperately wants to be prestige television that you can almost see the crushed cans of Red Bull in the writers' room at 3am making their way into the script.

The "show don't tell" rule has become an overused dictum for criticizing TV shows, but given the subject matter and the beautiful costumes, Van Johnson, a secret agent who's trying to bust drug runners and win back his old love.

The action set pieces usually end with JCVD's catchphrase, "Ohhhhh fuck..." because so many action-movie sequences are unrealistic, get it?

is a historical drama co-produced with a British television network. The series gives the Roman conquest of Britain in 43 CE a fantasy-driven look that takes a literal interpretation of the various religious traditions of the era.

If you enjoy shows in the vein of As a podcast, Aaron Mahnke's Lore was already addictive.In an ideal world, this would mean making everyone read Therese Anne Fowler's , the recently reimagined account of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's Flapper-era celebrity romance.(C'mon, get to know the people behind the Great American Novel! wait, yeah, is just that, a bite-sized adaptation of Fowler's book.Everybody did fine on their character development essays.Your teacher wants to celebrate -- but in a way that still teaches you something.Ultimately, it doesn't hold a candle to HBO's Bryan Cranston co-created this series, based on a book of the same name, and although it's only six episodes, it manages to overload you with saccharine sentimentality in a fraction of that time.

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