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DNA research conducted by Cymru DNA Wales has shown that a percentage of Welshmen living today are descended from ancient Kings and Princes of Wales, the quintessential DNA signature R-L371 aka S300 snp downstream from R1b-L21 (S145) is believed to have originated in North Wales around 1000 AD.Recent DNA evidence suggests that Welsh people descended specifically from middle eastern DNA carriers, an idea previously proposed at least as early as the 19th century, in History of the Welsh Baptist by Jonathan Davis.These words (both of which are pronounced Thus, they carry a sense of "land of fellow-countrymen", "our country", and notions of fraternity.

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According to Stephen Oppenheimer 96% of lineages in Llangefni in north Wales derive from Iberia.

Genetic research on the Y-chromosome has shown that the Welsh, like the Irish, share a large proportion of their ancestry with the Basques of Northern Spain and South Western France, although the Welsh have a greater presumed Neolithic input than both the Irish and the Basques.

Prior to the 20th century, large numbers of Welsh people spoke only Welsh, with little or no fluent knowledge of English.

Welsh remains the predominant language in parts of Wales, particularly in North Wales and West Wales, but English is the predominant language in most parts of the country.

In 2001, research for a BBC programme on the Vikings suggested a possible strong link between the Celts and Basques, dating back tens of thousands of years.

The UCL research suggested a migration on a huge scale during the Anglo-Saxon period."It appears England is made up of an ethnic cleansing event from people coming across from the continent after the Romans left," said Dr Mark Thomas, of the Centre for Genetic Anthropology at UCL.

When the Roman legions departed Britain around 400, a Romano-British culture remained in the areas the Romans had settled, and the pre-Roman cultures in others.

In two recently published books, Blood of the Isles, by Brian Sykes and The Origins of the British, by Stephen Oppenheimer, both authors state that according to genetic evidence, most Welsh people, like most Britons, descend from the Iberian Peninsula in Southwest Europe, as a result of different migrations that took place during the Mesolithic and the Neolithic eras, and which laid the foundations for the present-day populations in the British Isles, indicating an ancient relationship among the populations of Atlantic Europe.

The name of the region in northern England now known as Cumbria is derived from the same root.

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