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Paulina hired Joe to investigate Jake's death, but fell for the lug. Joe and Paulina conceived a child and were married about a couple of months later. Paulina took over running Carlino's and developed an addiction to diet pills, illegal drugs, and alcohol.Paulina and Joe were engaged, and about to be married when Jake shows up alive and well. Paulina and Joe's marriage are having their strains when Joe accused Paulina of being high when his house burned down.

At the time, Paulina was engaged to Grant Harrison.

She broke off her engagement with Grant and married Jake.

Little did she know that Tito was a friend of Remy's from the streets, or that he was a talented con-artist.

He used her until he got the money from her trust fund, then left her to take the fall for killing Grant Harrison.

Forged Rachel's signature to get access to her trust fund. At one of the orphanages, Paulina met her best friend, Hannah Moore.

Admitted to killing Grant Harrison in open court to protect her 'son'. Ken Jordan found Paulina and brought her to Bay City to become Steven Frame's nanny.To that Stamos took to Twitter, retweeted a link and said, "I call bulls--t.""They knew about the show. For the second time he was not tied the wedding knot.However, all of Paulina's marriages ended in disaster, because Jake deceived and lied to Paulina.After Paulina and Jake's first break-up, she got involved with Jake's half-brother, Kevin Anderson.Iris hired Jake to find out the truth behind Paulina.

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