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While in San Francisco he had no criminal record or known criminal associates. Despite a clean record he was reprimanded six times for violent behavior and fighting, but, due to his intelligence, physical skill, and a natural aptitude for police work, he was still thought of highly by his superiors.

Shen demonstrated a familiarity with the Asian gang structure and culture in San Francisco, and a deep understanding of the way in which these criminal organizations operate.

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This allowed Shen to infiltrate the Sun On Yee triad.

Under orders from Superintendent Pendrew, Shen's assignment was to go undercover into the Sun On Yee Triad and bring down the leader, the Dragon Head, and the lieutenants, the Red Poles, while reporting directly to his handler, Raymond Mak.

During his undercover assignment for the SFPD, Shen participated in gunning down Charles 'Two Hat' Chin, and later tortured and executed drug dealer Ming Ming Trin on June 2010 for supplying Mimi with a fatal dose of heroin.

Although a confidential informant tipped off SFPD Internal Affairs about the murder, it was not thoroughly investigated due to lack of substantial evidence.

Shen attended Uncle Po’s funeral with his fellow Red Poles and Jackie, during which Sonny was arrested by Pendrew.

To make matters worse, Pendrew betrayed Shen by leaving him and the Red Poles to be slaughtered by 18K Triad.

He is voiced by Will Yun Lee and played by Brian Ho in the official live-action trailer.

Shen was born in Hong Kong to Margaret Shen and his father who abandoned his family. Shen moved to San Francisco from Hong Kong at age of 10 with his mother and sister in an attempt to help Mimi overcome her drug addiction.

He attended PS 121 High School, and graduated in 2002 with honors.

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