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Any company which does not publish by the deadline is acting against the law.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published and consulted on its initial strategy for enforcement of gender pay gap reporting.

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Using its existing enforcement powers under the Equality Act, this will include seeking summary convictions with an unlimited fine, but this will only be an option where an employer has been investigated, issued with an unlawful act notice and has still failed to comply. Fawcett recommends that the law should be changed so that civil penalties for non-compliance are introduced, which along with additional resources for the EHRC would enable them to have a more immediate impact with enforcement activity.

This would be a similar approach to the powers given to HMRC to enforce the National Minimum Wage.

One day in August, I had a particularly bad day, and I thought: Why am I trying so hard?

I still hadn't been contacted about any pay raises, and the WSJ's investigation into pay gaps was over.

“But even better than that, finally women are realising that they have a right to talk about pay and they cannot be silenced.

By finding out what their colleagues earn they are then in a position to challenge any pay inequality. “We are calling on women everywhere today to take that first step and simply have the conversation about pay.” 5 steps you can take as an employee 5 Steps you can take as an employer to address your gender pay gap Finding out your gender pay gap figure is the first step.

They'd found no significant issues, company executives said.

I'll never forget that month, when I left work each day, just broken.

In my case, knowing I was worth less than someone else had a direct impact on my self-esteem and my work. Each time I delivered excellent work, the satisfaction of a job well done was undermined by the knowledge that my extra efforts came with a priced-in discount.

Conversely, when I made mistakes, I'd catch myself being resentful, because why try if the playing field wasn't even?

This time, I wondered if I might be depressed because I'd feel angry and sad for an entire work shift. I quit as the biggest political election in history was ramping up and news was going into overdrive.

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