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Mendes said Pacheco had been her boyfriend when they met about nine years ago.

She said she had been dating Namauu, but they weren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend.

He is being held in lieu of million bail at the Maui Community Correctional Center.

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Mendes said she got up to run away when Namauu grabbed her and she fell down.

She said she was screaming for help when Namauu taped her mouth.

Children often become victims of physical violence as well.

Children are harmed in 10 percent of spousal assaults against women and 4 percent of spousal assaults against men.

The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo WAILUKU — A man had been trying to take away a gun that was pointed at a woman before he was fatally shot last week at a Kanaio residence, the woman testified Thursday.

She identified the shooter as Justin Namauu, 42, who is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of 45-year-old Dennis Pacheco of Kanaio.Adapted from A handbook for health and social service providers and educators on children exposed to woman abuse/family violence, Ottawa: Health Canada, 1999.While testifying in Thursday’s preliminary hearing, witness Christine Mendes describes how defendant Justin Namauu allegedly aimed a pistol at Dennis Pacheco and shot him in her home.Two days later, when Hamilton advised Namauu of his bail amount, Namauu asked to speak to the detective again.In the May 25 interview, Namauu said his niece had recently died, and he was looking for someone to be with, but Mendes had made excuses about why she couldn’t be with him, Hamilton said. He said Namauu reported driving to his house with Pacheco’s vehicle and stashing it next to a tractor.Later, Namauu said he went back to Mendes’ residence, where he fixed her vehicle, Hamilton said.

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