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Did you know that at least 27 million women and men worldwide are held in slavery, part of them being trafficked?

Of trafficking victims, 43% are forced into commercial sexual exploitation, 98% of these are girls and women.

The donated bras work as a form of micro-credit empowering self-sufficiency.

These include 3 vacuum cleaners for the small shelters, single bed linens plus computers or laptops.

In addition, FIZ is fundraising to repair a damaged floor for the larger shelter.

‘Free the Girls’ began in 2010 and is steadily growing to help more women. ZIWA member, Lisa Bond, generously offered to transport all 200 bras to a collection point in the USA, thus enabling the CHF85 raised on the day to be used for a second shipment.

The Bra drive continues throughout the month of March.

Lucia Tozzi of FIZ (Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking) based in Zurich delivered an excellent presentation on the work of this organization, explaining how modern human trafficking operates and what happens when women manage to escape the slavery into which they have been forced, often by people they know and previously trusted.

A central part of FIZ is the Makasi counseling and support centre, the only one of its kind in Switzerland, which offers these women comprehensive support, regardless of whether they file criminal charges against the offender or not and assists those who denounce the perpetrators up to their court proceedings.Those signing up to attend were asked to help a ‘Bra Drive’, donations of gently used bras to be sent to Free the Girls.FTG is a US based program that provides an opportunity for sex trafficking survivors (in Mozambique, Uganda and El Salvador) to build their own business selling second-hand clothing while going to school, establishing a house, and caring for their families. This included some brand new bras generously donated by Jelmoli and Calida in support of this event.Should you be interested in starting a bra collection depot and forming a FTG team in Europe, please find out more and go to: the coming months we will keep you posted on the work of FIZ in Zurich and update you on donations that will help their work.Likewise, we will let you know how the FAWCO Backing Women campaign and Free The Girls support work is going. The items make beautiful gifts for friends and family.Currently FIZ works in close cooperation with a limited number of cantons which means that women who are held in slavery or manage to escape elsewhere in Switzerland do not have access to the support and services of an organization like FIZ.

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