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The applicants all had prior experience and airman certificates.

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By the mid-summer of 1942, Arnold was willing to consider the prior proposals seriously.

Tunner and Love's plan was reviewed by the ATC headquarters, and forwarded by commander Gen. George to Arnold, who was fully aware of it and gave it his blessing, after Mrs.

By the summer of 1941, Florida native Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran and test-pilot Nancy Harkness Love had independently submitted proposals to the U. Army Air Forces (the forerunner to the United States Air Force) to allow women pilots in non-combat missions, after the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

The reason: to free male pilots for combat roles by using qualified female pilots to ferry aircraft from the factories to military bases, and also to tow drones and aerial targets. "Hap" Arnold, commander of the USAAF, had turned down both Love's 1940 proposal and that of the better connected and more famous Cochran, despite the lobbying for them by Eleanor Roosevelt. was building its air power and military presence in anticipation of direct involvement in the conflict, and had belatedly begun to drastically expand its men in uniform.

Love, and went into operation on September 10, 1942.

Soon, the Air Transport Command began using women to ferry planes from factory to airfields. With the publicity involved, the WAFS program could not be reversed, and so on September 15, 1942, Cochran's training proposal was also adopter Cochran and Love's squadrons we re thereby established separately.

Roosevelt to lobby Arnold to reject any plan that did not commission women, and set up an independent organization commanded by women.

Ironically, Tunner's proposal called for commissioning women in the WAACs, but was turned down after review by Arnold.

Though rivals, the two programs and their respective leaders operated independently, and without acknowledgment of each other until the summer of 1943.

When Cochran pushed aggressively for a single entity to control the activity of all women pilots.

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