maxim dating tips - Wow armory page not updating

As well as the output that will be displayed the Character data as retireved from the Community API is also passed.

wow-armory-character-css Allows you to specify an alternate stylesheet.

This is the replacement for the tickbox provided in the administration screen.

Should you need to use the development version (perhaps to fix a bug, or test a feature) please download it from the github website.

I also maintain a more comprehensive issue/bug list at github so if you have anything to report it would be very helpful if you could post the problem there.

You can either alter the html after it has been created or you can override the template that produces the output.

The CSS can be overridden by using the global setting ‘Add plugin css to the page’.

It can be easily configured to show the gear that you are wearing (with optional links to wowhead), your talents, professions, activity feed and recent achievements.

To see a customised example of the plugin in action check it out on my wordpress blog.

For an example of the plugin configured to show all the available information check out the screenshots tab.

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