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The Histoire also says that Beros successors, Bernard, Berenger, Sunifred (Seniofredo), Aledran, Udalric and Hunfrid, all ruled the combined territory which was only separated into its two components in 865.The evidence to support the hypothesis that the two areas were governed jointly appears meagre.

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It rose to prominence after Amalric, king of the Visigoths at Toulouse and Narbonne, fled to Barcelona after his defeat by his brother-in-law Childebert King of the Franks at Narbonne in 531.

The armies of his grandson, the future Emperor Louis I, occupied Girona, Urgell and Cerdanya in 785 and besieged Barcelona in 802, establishing the so-called "March of Spain" which later evolved into the Catalonian counties.

The first counts in the March of Spain, appointed by the Carolingian Frankish rulers, are recorded in the early 9th century.

Was the March of Spain then a march without a marquis?

The key may lie in the diverse nature of the different counties which formed the Spanish March as well as the difficult terrain in which many of the counties were located.

The county became hereditary in the family of Guifr "el Pils" in the latter part of the 9th century, as vassals of the Carolingian kings.

All charters during the 9th and 10th centuries are dated by the reigns of the Frankish kings.

After the succession of the Capetian dynasty in France in 987, it is likely that the comtes de Barcelona failed to swear allegiance to the new Frankish rulers, marking the beginning of the countys true independence, although the dating clauses of many charters continue to refer to the French kings.

The rulers of Barcelona are titled "comes et marchio" in numerous primary source documents.

The main counties in Catalonia proper were Barcelona, Berga (Bergued), Besal, Cerdanya, Conflent, Empries, Girona, Osona, Roussillon, Urgell and Vallespir, although some of these counties were ruled jointly.

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