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Basically you can overcome the fear of rejection through “Exposure Therapy.” That is exposing yourself repeatedly to the source of your fear.

This being, public humiliation, shame, or embarrassment due to rejection. Pick a day to give a woman one compliment like, “You look pretty today.” Or, “Those shoes look great on you.”You will probably get a positive response. The next day you can give a compliment, then ask for a phone number.

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She may be giving no AIs, or Anti-AIs, and be moving away in proximity.

Bitch Shields can also occur during a conversation, when the girl tries to blow the PUA out and acts generally rude, interrupting him or asking him to leave.

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Then I read a whole bunch of books on confidence, pua, seduction, body language, and more.

During Future's service as a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in the US Marine Corps., he broke up with his unfaithful girlfriend.

After that he remained single for a relatively long period and admits that he was frustrated with his lack of success with women.

He became a Love System's dating coach a few months after that, when Nick Savoy saw his potential.

By the end of 2005 he was getting solid reviews from bootcamp students.

He created the seminar program Breakthrough Comfort and was given the Love Systems Super Conference 2009 #1 top instructor award partly as a result.

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“After doing sketch comedy for a living, it’s hard to think about dealing with halitosis all day,” he says.

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