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“I thought we agreed he wasn’t allowed on Craigslist anymore after he found the ‘free pets’ section.”“It’s just, it’s just so sad they don’t have homes! ”As Leo loudly whispered to Piper Nico’s head fell onto the back of the couch, actually considering it.“Fine,” Nico sighed, pulling out his phone. Apparently he has meetings all day so, like, make a good impression.”“What’s his name? Leo, at their feet, was leaning against Jason’s legs, looking up at them with a grin.“Will Solace,” Piper read off the glowing screen of Jason’s phone, now curled around Jason like an octopus that he was only too content to let her do.” Jason choked out, holding his phone to his chest.“Yeah, and we’ve adopted seven of them.” Nico gave him a dull look, gesturing to their apartment. “I’ll contact him.”“That’s good because I’ve already emailed him as you.” Jason informed him with a small grin, ruffling his hair, “Your interview is tomorrow.”Nico cracked a smile at that, “And if I’d said no? No problem.” Jason tapped away at his phone and only a second later, Nico’s phone dinged. Jason flashed him a grin, “I think you’ll like him.”Nico rolled his eyes, fond despite everything. ”“Wear that jacket you wore to Reyna’s birthday party over the summer.” He advised, balancing a large bowl on his knees, talking through the food in his mouth. " He did as told, as most the time it was earlier than arguing with them, and glanced at his watch. It, like most things in his life, started as a joke. ”Jason nodded, still excited despite Nico’s dull voice. “Listen, you’ve been telling Hazel you have a boyfriend right? It’s perfect to go along with what you’ve been telling Hazel!

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Interview & application will be set up there.-Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible. Well, listen - this guy’s entire job is to come to your holiday event and pretend to be your date.

It wasn’t the worst of Jason’s plans, and Nico had gone along with far less.“It’s not his worst plan.” The bundle of blankets on the couch declared his exact thought, causing Nico to jump and probably lose a few years off his life.

Piper stuck her head out of the bottom of the bundle, her messy braid falling to the ground. ” Asked the over side of the bundle, and it only took another moment before Leo’s head was poking out of the top, shaking his curls out.“How many people are in there?

” Nico exclaimed.“Three if you count Leo’s left hand as a person.

“Got coffee.” The guy shrugged, still focusing on writing in his notebook, and Nico slowly took a seat.“There’s a contract, application, and a down payment that has to go through before I notify if you’ve been chosen.” The boy told him, sliding a folder across the table. “If I choose not to accompany you for your holiday event, a full refund will be issued within one to three business days.”“There’s an application process? The boy - Will – finally looked up to him, and the pause in his actions and the hitch in his breath was only noticeable to the boy himself.

Nico blinked a few times, meeting Will’s eyes, and was a bit startled by the that stared back at him. It’s mostly necessary information about family members I’d need to know, along with a few pages of personal.You don’t even live here.” Nico paused, cocking his head to the side. He stripped, knowing full well Leo and Piper were both eyeing him with interest, and dressed quickly.“That’s it,” Piper declared with glee. There’s no way he can say no when you’re wearing those painted on jeans and that leather jacket. The weather was nice for December – the heavy snow new enough that it was mostly white, not yet gray sidewalk sludge, and was also happy to note the low number of occupants in the shop.Usually, especially on a weekend, the shop was overflowing with peppermint-mocha deprived customers, each seemingly needing to bump and crowd into Nico’s space.Nico rolled his eyes as Jason cracked a smile and went over to help untangle them.“You should do it.” Piper told him, finally free from the tangle of blankets as she pulled him down on the couch with her.She picked up Jason’s phone where he had tossed it when he went to help them and unlocked it. You should go for it.” She told him this as she turned the phone around to show him the attached picture. Grinning at the camera, blond with a wicked grin and golden curls.He does most nights.” Piper declared, crackling in glee as Leo attempted to push her off the couch.

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