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For each day of the year, you’ll notice a symbol which gives you a little hint about what you can use to show your spouse the love on that day.They are similar to The Five Love Languages, so you can be sure you’re giving your honey all kinds of love!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a mile-long to-do list and half of it never gets done.

I’ve found that the best way for me to make sure the most important things don’t get lost in the shuffle is to have a visual reminder.

In order to help you make sure that you’ve shown your love the love each day, we created a 365-day printable calendar so you can mark off each day when you’re done and feel even more of a sense of accomplishment.

Just think how cool it will be to look back at a YEAR of love! Joanna from Cutify Creative put it together for us and I can’t wait for the new year so I can get started using it!

) We love printing through Fed Ex Office Online (use code CJN715 to get 15% off of ANY order, or to get 20% off of an order over $150, use code CJN721). Yep, that way I see it while I’m getting ready for the day and I make my plans to show the love, first thing in the morning!

Make sure you’ve got a few colorful permanent markers stored right with your calendar and then once you’ve completed your sign(s) of affection, go ahead and mark off that day. It feels SO good to cross something off your list, especially something that’s so important and meaningful.

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